About us

Out of passion for the hobby!

Of course, we can sell you a fantastic business story just like the rest in which we promise the nicest things and fastest shipping only to fail to deliver on them. But what we’d rather do is just say what it’s about. AntsNetherlands was founded and is run with a tremendous passion for the hobby. We meticulously maintain colonies and design formicaria and accessories made to work well for both ant and hobbyist. 

We treat our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves. We are honest, professional, personal and do like a little extra for you. When you are satisfied with our products and service, we also have the most fun in our (somewhat out of control) hobby! 

An enterprise for the future

Sustainable and environmentally conscious

Being sustainable and environmentally conscious is very important. We think it should be natural for everyone to do this, and we are happy to take the lead in this. Through a few small adjustments, a big difference can be made. For example, we package with as little plastic as possible, recycle when possible and make most products from a special biodegradable plastic.

More than a store

Knowledge and education

AntsNetherlands is more than a store, thanks to a lot of experience and a whole lot of knowledge we can offer you more than just a product. We are developing school/education packets and also the “about ants” page continues to grow to get you started as well and easily as possible.

Have questions? If so, we will be happy to talk to you in detail!

A strong vision is half the battle

A strong vision

AntsNetherlands’ main goal is to enrich the hobby, from that point of view a vision was born. We like to set ourselves apart from the rest, we exist not for maximum sales but for maximum quality. We do this by offering healthy animals, good products and accurate information. The animals and the hobbyists are always #1 with us.

Furthermore, we act professionally but personally, this can go well together. Among other things, we offer the opportunity to WhatsAppen us. It is also possible to visit in Witmarsum (Friesland) or Rotterdam by appointment. There is no physical store but we are always open for a friendly chat and to answer all your questions.

AntsNetherlands since 2017 the ant specialist for you!

Our Story

AntsNetherlands was founded in March 2017 by Jens Aukema. With the idea of creating an educational environment where young and old can come together to read, learn and see all about the wonderful world of ants. What was noticeable was that when any of our followers wanted to get into the hobby there was very little choice in providers of the ants and accessories. It soon became clear that the quality/health of colonies and accessories was substandard, especially when looking at the price/quality ratio. When a colony or nest was sold, there was little to no information about which nests best fit the species or colony size. Often these were sold too large or not at all suitable for the species. As a result, many starting ant keepers quickly lost the first colony and 2 out of 3 times also lost the fun in the hobby.

– Eind 2017. Nog less than a month after the idea was born, Jens sold the first ants and accessories based on this vision. This started through marketplace, not long after that other channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook and e-mail were used to get in touch with fellow hobbyists. 

– Early 2018. Jens opened the first website, www.mieren.eu. Here he could put information about the hobby and some kind of product catalog. From this moment on, AntsNetherlands started to become more and more known within the Netherlands and also the 1st foreign hobbyists found us. 

– Early 2020. Thanks to the beautiful work and strong vision, the customer base continues to grow, customers/hobbyists are very satisfied and would like to see more from AntsNetherlands. All the satisfied customers and the will to continue this vision made Jens decide to make AntsNetherlands an official company. This makes it possible to create a web shop and be able to invest even more in products and knowledge.

– Mid-2020s. Robin Jue also caught on to the changes, seeing potential in AntsNetherlands and agreeing with the vision. He knows one thing for sure, he wants to be a part of what happens here. So he approached Jens for an interview, during which it soon became clear that they share the same passion and vision. Robin joined AntNetherlands not much later. 

– Mid 2021. After many hours of work, a beautiful web shop was built and everything behind the scenes was taken care of. Everything is running smoothly but we are never done, we keep improving, researching and listening!

– Today. Jens and Robin enjoy working hard to provide you with a healthy colony, good products and the information needed to successfully pursue the hobby.