Yesss, your order is on its way!

But now perhaps the most difficult of all, waiting for the mailman to come. Because lying on the doormat all day and testing to see if the doorbell still works is not so exciting, we have come up with some fun things for you.

1. Looking at the ground

It may not sound very exciting, but get outside. Whether in your backyard, the park or the street. When you bend down and look at what is happening on the ground you will be amazed.
What all have you spotted? Chances are a few Lasius niger workers will walk by just like that. Or another ant species of course, try to find out what species it is.

2. Drawing and coloring

Make a beautiful ant drawing or coloring page. Nothing more soothing than coloring and drawing, recreate our ants or download a beautiful coloring page from the Internet.
Did you make a nice drawing or coloring page? Send it in via email or post, we’d love it!

3. Delightful reading

Get a nice ant book from the library, read our about ants page or scour the Internet. There is so much to read about ants, you would almost forget that the mailman comes by.
Note, however, when you go on the Internet to search for information about ants double check that the information is correct. There are many people and even vendors who tell untruths, this can be harmful to your ants.

4. Watching YouTube

YouTube (and the rest of the Internet) is packed with documentaries and other videos about ants, enough to keep you busy for hours. We have already prepared for you 4 great documentaries that you must have seen anyway. Have fun watching!

5. Social media

Check out AntNetherlands’ YouTube channel and Instagram page for fun videos, photos and facts.
All the links can be found at the bottom of the page.